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Club Sponsorship

CCC Sponsorship Overview

(Download a copy of all this information here)

Sponsorship relationship basics: Sponsoring businesses contribute capital, or in some cases goods and services, to support CCC’s ongoing operations and events. In exchange, CCC will advertise and promote the sponsors’ brand, products and services to the club and to the wider community.

CCC Sponsorship — sports marketing on a local scale: Just as the Philadelphia Eagles may be sponsored by Big Insurance and Investment companies, CCC is sponsored by local companies. What do all of these companies know? Association with a much‐loved sporting organization enhances brand image and develops strong bonds with fans and participants.

CCC sponsorship should be considered an advertising and marketing investment. Sponsorship provides the benefits of traditional advertising and much more.

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Benefits of CCC Sponsorship

  • Reach a demographic of, active adults and families.
  • Strengthen rider loyalty to your organization.
  • Express corporate values through sponsorship.
  • Feel good. You are contributing to the growth of cycling.
  1. Reach an affluent, active demographic with CCC sponsorship

Cyclists and triathletes tend to be young, affluent and active. CCC members are prime targets for your advertising. While demographic statistics are not kept for CCC, below are national cycling demographics:

U.S. Cycling Demographics*

    • 100 million cyclists in the US
    • 65 million people attend competitive cycling events
    • 6 million bicycle commuters
    • 250,000 competitive adult cyclists in US
    • 8.3 million Avid cyclists (those who ride at least 52 times/year)
    • Median price for a racing bike: $4,000

*Sources: Bicycle Business Journal, Bicycle Manufacturers Association of America, Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association.

2. The Loyalty Effect & CCC’s large & diverse membership

The loyalty effect is the phenomenon of loyal customers selectively choosing a preferred business’s offerings over those of a competitor. Loyal customers are less sensitive to price competition, and are less receptive to a competitor’s advertising.

Do you want more loyal customers for your business? CCC members know that sponsors make club programs possible. Therefore, when offered a choice, CCC members tend to choose sponsors over non‐sponsors. With over 200 active members who live, shop and dine locally, CCC’s membership represents millions of dollars of income that will be spent locally.

3. Express corporate values through sponsorship

Cycling is a technologically‐advanced sport that demands perseverance, hard work and attention to detail. Are these traits you would want associated with your business or your employees? By sponsoring CCC, your company’s image will be positively influenced.

By sponsoring CCC, you will also be seen as supporting these societal goals:

  • Fitness, health and active lifestyles
  • Green Transportation
  • The fight against childhood obesity
  • Sharing the road
  • Athletic excellence

4. Feel good: You are contributing to the growth of cycling

When you sponsor CCC you can feel good knowing your sponsorship will directly support cycling at the local, grass‐roots level. CCC promotes bike safety, children’s cycling programs and accessible cycling for beginners.

CCC Sponsorship Programs Costs & Details

Uniform Sponsorship: For 2023, CCC members will be wearing custom team clothing imprinted with sponsor logos. Club members ride 6 days a week for 7 months of the year, most of these in uniform.

Conservatively, uniform sponsors receive thousands potential impressions per year within the cycling community, and many “spillover” impressions within the general community.

Uniform sponsorship is highly cost-effective advertising:

·        Premier sponsor - $750

- Most prominent display of logo on club jersey

- Family membership for both riding seasons of           sponsorship

- Free club jersey

·        Preferred sponsor -  $500 

- More prominent display of logo on club jersey

- Family membership for both riding seasons of           sponsorship

·        Ride Sponsor - $250

- Family membership for 1st year season of sponsorship

All sponsorships include:

- Club membership (see above)

- Sponsor logo displayed on club website

- Access to club sponsored events

- Sponsor logo displayed on club jersey (see above)

- Access to advertise/post on our membership FB       page

Note: Online Only Sponsorship available: $100/per year: includes Logo on Club Website, 1-year free club membership

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